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KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch

KOSPET TANK T2 Smartwatch

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Note: TANK T2 Special Edition is to add a stainless steel strap to the original version

U.S. MIL-STD-Certified | 5ATM & IP69K Waterproof
1.43" AMOLED Display | HIFI Bluetooth Calls with One Switch
70 Sports Modes with Smart Recognition | Full Metal Body

More to Display, More to Thrive

A Treasure Trove of Everyday Features

Data on sports, heart rate, sleep and so much more...

Envision Future Technology with All-new Design

The body of TANK T2 is built out of high-strength metal, which not only makes it appear cool and tough, but renders it resistant to vibration, drop and car crushing.

MIL-STD Quality Helps Surmount Outdoor Challenges

TANK T2, whose design and material selection is based on U.S. MIL-STD-810H, has proven applicable to any outdoor activities and harsh conditions, assisting you to face a whole host of challenges head-on.

Embrace Brilliance on AMOLED & Retina Display

Powered by an AMOLED screen made of self-luminescent materials, never does TANK T2 fail to display every detail clearly viable, even at intense outdoor lighting.

Always-on Time Display

Considering the fact that AMOLED displays can control how each pixel illuminates, it tends to be more energy-efficient than LCD displays. With always-on time display enabled by TANK T2, you can stay proactive and informed anytime.

IP69K Dynamic Waterproof & Static Waterproof, Up to 50m

TANK T2 has got through the demanding IP69K rating test, so that you can wear it regarding all day-to-day water sports and activities, such as swimming, diving, surfing and beyond. 5ATM static waterproof, meaning it can withstand the equivalent of 50 meters' water pressure.

Single Switch to Bluetooth Calling with HIFI Audio Quality

TANK T2 harvests the latest RealTek single-chip processor 8763EW with dual-mode Bluetooth. On connecting the APP, you can make phonecalls via Bluetooth and play music on your wrist. The built-in audio decoding chip makes the sound quality as breathtaking as HIFI, from deep, rich bass to crisp, clean medium pitch.

Go Explore the Vast World with 70 Sports Modes

TANK T2 enables smart recognition and reminder of 6 sports - still, walking, running, cycling, elliptical and rower, it supports as many as 70 sports modes, including hiking, skiing, swimming and other indoor and outdoor workouts.

A Good Night's Sleep Isn't Just a Dream

TANK T2 tracks and assesses your sleep in various dimensions, such as exercise status and heart rate. It also enables accurate analysis of your sleep quality and generates comprehensive data accordingly, even during short naps.

Ultra-long Battery Life

Besides its 410mAh pure cobalt battery with high capacity and voltage, TANK T2 adopts a double-mode, single-chip processor to minimize power consumption. Enabled by our extraordinary software algorithms, the smartwatch ensures long-lasting battery life, 50+day standby time and 10-15 days for daily usage.

Keep an Eye on Your Health 24/7

TANK T2 harnesses the cutting-edge BioTracker tracking optical sensor that complements our independently innovated sporting algorithm, which safeguards your health by monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen on-demand.

Smart Measurement of Blood Oxygen

Measure your blood oxygen automatically and display the highest and lowest levels within a given time.

Technical Specifications

Water Rating
Body Materials
Strap Material
Sports Modes
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Customer Reviews

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Tank t2

حبب اشكر توكل التوحيد بي مصر انه توكيل محترم جدا جدا و حل مشكلتي فى الساعه و فعلا الساعه جميله جداً و فعلا تجربه تحفه اتمني بس تغير الخط فيها

شكرًا لك على ثناءك الكبير، وسنبذل قصارى جهدنا لتقديم منتجات أفضل.
وفي الوقت نفسه، فإن اختيارنا من قبل عميل ممتاز يظهر أيضًا أن جهودنا الحالية جديرة بالاهتمام.

Ibrahim A.
Kospet TANK T2

The watch is very beautiful, but unfortunately it has two problems. If it is solved in the next software, it will be complete. The first problem is that the Arabic font needs to be changed to a clearer font, and the second problem is that the messages come in full.

I will send these two optimization suggestions to our R&D department, and they will carefully evaluate the feasibility of these two requirements. Please be patient.

Arturo N.
Nice watch but...

I like the watch and its features, just 2 issues, it would be nice to get the set with an extra metal strap. In addition, the tempered glass it comes with is not the best and does not fit properly despite following all the installing instructions. Not sure if all the glasses come with this problem but, so far, the lack of a wrist metal strap, and the deffective tempered glass are the only issues I find. Otherwhise, I would give it 5 stars.

Thank you for your honest evaluation.
If you need a steel strap, please choose the Special Edition style when purchasing, or buy a separate steel strap directly, the purchase link: -t-2-smartwatch-22mm-stainless-steel-strap

At the same time, the film on your picture is just a dust-proof film, you can tear it off and stick it on the tempered film in the box.

Need more watch faces

iam really happy with KOSPET TANK T2❤️Everything is goodin this watch and i loved it.But watch face collection are boring😔Plz KOSPET update some nice looking watchface...

Thank you for your suggestion. We are currently updating the dial regularly. I believe there must be a dial that you like.

Abrar H.S.
Kospet Tank T2

Review from Bangladesh. 🇧🇩

At first, I wasn't sure if I should make this purchase, but the product page and reviews persuaded me, and I decided to take a chance. I must say that this purchase has not let me down. Build Quality, features, and the fit is amazing. The Sensors were also working perfectly, giving top class Output. Happy with the app. Kospet also deserve a special appreciation for their great packaging.

The Things that should be improved, that is Watch Face. Most of the Watchface are so fancy, and the color is not customizable at all. there should be some options to choose between orange color and others. Most of the watchface, include Orange Color, which can be irritating for a person who dont like that color.

I Hope their Dev team will work onto it, and develop some unique Nice watch face, and should add some customizable option in case of color choosing.

Overall Rating 9/10, will give it a 10, if they include more watch Faces.


thanks for your advice.

It is our original intention to create the TANK series to make watches that are stronger and meet the needs of customers.

As for the number of dial skins you mentioned, we have confirmed that more dial skins will be updated every month, and the needs of customers are the gaps we want to solve.

Finally, thank you again for your evaluation and wish you a happy life.


·The Always-on Display function of TANK T2 needs to be manually enabled through "Settings>Watch Faces&Theme>Always-On Display". After enabling it,enabling this feature will greatly impact battery life.Battery life during actual use depends on various factors such as setup, operation, and usage environment, and may differ from laboratory results.

·KOSPET TANK T2 & TANK M2 passed 12 rigorous control tests based on the MIL-STD-810H standard, Ref.No.ACSH22102607-R02. They can still provide you with reliable and stable protection no matter in different outdoor environments such as beaches, Gobi, and mountains. (For more information about MIL-STD-810H testing, please refer to the product details page.)

·5 ATM water resistance: KOSPET TANK T2 & TANK M2 have a water resistance rating of 5 ATM (50 meters in depth). The rating is based on standard GB/T 30106-2013 and has been tested by the China National Horological Quality Inspection and Testing Center. The test report number is DG1221202-58733E-SF.

·The IP69K protection level means that the product is completely sealed to prevent dust from entering the device, and it can also continuously withstand the impact of a water column at a water temperature of 80ºC (176℉) and a water pressure of 100Bar for 2 minutes,The test report number is DG1221202-58732E-SF.

·The watch is not suitable for wearing in hot shower, sauna or professional deep dive, high temperature will damage the sealing material of the watch. During water sports, it is necessary to avoid the direct impact of high-speed water flow. Water resistance is not permanent and may decrease over time.

·This product and its features are not designed to be a medical device, and are not intended to predict, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease.

·Smart Nap Tracking: KOSPET adopts algorithm by CyweeMotion to support sleep detection regarding deep sleep, light sleep, awake and rapid eye movement. Your smartwatch may not detect or track your sleep if you lie down, sit, stay still or do sedentary activities like scrolling through your smartphone before bedtime. Or it may track your sleep by mistake when placed at the side table.

·All data are provided by internal laboratories or suppliers and obtained under specific test conditions, and due to real-time changes in product batches and production supply factors, there is no guarantee that the content and functions displayed on this page will remain unchanged permanently, and may be subject to change due to changes in copyright, commercial or technical conditions. KOSPET may modify the above information, all product data please refer to the actual content and characteristics of the product.

·About APP
KOSPET FIT LITE:TANK M1, Rock, Raptor, Magic 3, Magic 4, GTR.