How Waterproof Is Your Smartwatch? A Comprehensive Guide



As to wearable tech, one of the most asked questions right now is, "Is the smartwatch waterproof?" The growing interest in smartwatches drives the demand for gadgets that will easily fit into one's active lifestyle. With this, in-depth guidance will be facilitated to get an understanding of smartwatch water resistance, main criteria to look for while buying your device, and the way to preserve it from water entry over time.

Reading Water Resistance Ratings

An understanding of the various ratings for water resistance in a smartwatch may be best achieved if you first get to know what exactly each of the ratings means. Generally, these ratings are expressed in the form of ATM (atmospheres) or IP (Ingress Protection) codes. Here is the common rating scale:

  • IP67: A device can remain up to 1 meter under water for up to 30 minutes and will survive.
  • IP68: The equipment can remain submerged under water for more than 1 m deep for extended periods.
  • 3ATM: It is waterproof up to a depth of 30 meters and can be applied to daily use, including washing hands and an accidental light rain splash.
  • 5ATM: Can withstand a maximum depth of water up to 50 meters and thus is good for swimming and shallow diving.
  • 10ATM: Withstands up to 100 meters of water pressure. Suitable for snorkeling and high-impact water sports.

Where a smartwatch is concerned, one should look for the minimum of an IP68 or 5ATM to look into its water resistance.

Make a Waterproof Smartwatch

Among these water resistance ratings, there are several features that complement the usability of smartwatches for water-related activities:

  1. Swim tracking: Designed for swimming, smartwatches generally come with a dedicated mode for swim tracking—be it in a pool or open water—as it measures laps, distance, and pace.
  2. Wet Touch Screen: Waterproof smartwatches are sometimes designed with touch screens that remain very responsive under wet conditions, allowing you to navigate through the device's functions while in the water.
  3. Specific Water Sports Modes: Smartwatches tailored for water sports could offer specific modes useful for activities like surfing, kayaking, or windsurfing, with relevant metrics and tracking capabilities.
  4. Rugged Construction: A Rugged Smartwatch with improved materials—let's say stainless steel or titanium—can certainly withstand the demands of water activities and provide.

Here are features to look into, whether a smartwatch is waterproof.


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Waterproof smartwatches have plenty of advantages.

Purchasing a waterproof smartwatch has plenty of advantages for those who lead a very active lifestyle.

  1. Fitness tracking: Waterproof smartwatches allow tracking of activities, including swimming or water sports, for an overall view of fitness progress.
  2. Convenience: Because it is waterproof, a smartwatch never needs to be removed—even when washing one's hands, showering, or doing anything else that involves water.
  3. Durability: Waterproof smartwatches are meant to stand firm against the torments of regular use, such as moisture, sweat, and accidental splashes, and serve for a durable service life.
  4. Outdoors Versatility: Waterproof outdoor smartwatches allow you to do nearly all kinds of outdoor activities, from hiking and trail running to water sports.

So, when considering whether to waterproof your smartwatch, think of the following benefits of the process that make it worthwhile to invest in something that can keep up with your active life:.

Personalizing Your Waterproof Smartwatch

Here are some ways to make your waterproof smartwatch last longer:

  1. Rinse in Fresh Water: After exposure to salt water or chlorinated water, rinse your smartwatch under fresh water to avoid corrosion and damage to the seals.
  2. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Avoid exposing your watch to strong heat or cold, as it may destroy the internal elements of the watch and reduce its water resistance.
  3. Clean Regularly: Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe your smartwatch clean from any sweat, dirt, or accumulated debris.
  4. Check Seals and Gaskets: Periodically check the seals and gaskets for any signs of wear and tear, breakages, or damage, as they are very crucial in maintaining water resistance in your smartwatch.
  5. Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Follow the manufacturer's guidelines on water exposure and do not exceed the specified water resistance level of a particular device to save it from damages.

Some of these maintenance practices will be helpful in extending the life of your waterproof smartwatch and maintaining its reliability under different water-related situations.


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The Future of Waterproof Smartwatches

With technology continuously improving and advancing, we are yet to see more amazing features to come in waterproof smartwatches:

  1. Better Water Resistance: Next-generation smartwatches could carry better water-resistant levels, which would allow wearers to go swimming and participate in other such water-related activities.
  2. Enhanced battery life: More advancements in battery technology would therefore be reflected in better battery lives in smartwatches and those that would easily recharge quickly during water activities.
  3. Advanced sensors: The waterproof smartwatches can be designed to encompass advanced sensors with depth gauges and even underwater heart rate monitors in order to provide even more data to diving and swimming enthusiasts.
  4. Connectivity: Better wireless connectivity, right from a more reliable Bluetooth range to better Wi-Fi, will ensure seamless data syncing and communication between gadgets even in water environments.

This will see the market undergo further changes in the manufacturing of waterproof smartwatches that will provide better devices in terms of functionality, durability, and water resistance.

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Smartwatch

Therefore, you should be able to come up with a perfect waterproof smartwatch by considering the following factors:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure the compatibility of the smartwatch with your smartphone's operating system, whether it's Android or iOS, in order to ensure free connection and seamless workability.
  2. Battery Life: Consider battery life, particularly if you're going to have that smartwatch on your wrist for long hours and whilst undertaking any water-based activity for prolonged periods. Go for devices that have a long battery life or fast charging capability.
  3. Design and Comfort: Pick a waterproof smartwatch that is designed according to your personal style and one which will be comfortable on your wrist. Think about the watch size, weight, and the material of the strap so you can be guaranteed maximum comfort during water activities.
  4. Other Features: Find out about other optional features, such as GPS tracking, mobile payment, music storage, or the possibility of changing watch faces, all of which would enhance the overall experience of using it.

A waterproof smartwatch should be rigorously evaluated in order to meet the requirements for water resistance and at the same time deliver features and comfort for your active lifestyle.


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This includes water-resistance rating, features, and overall durability. Thus, from understanding the different levels of water resistance and the reasons for getting a waterproof smartwatch, an appropriate device can be selected that will fit an active lifestyle.

You should always focus more on those smartwatches that are highly water-resistant, with either an IP68 or 5ATM rating and features that are relevant for your specific needs, for instance, swim tracking or rugged construction with dedicated water sports modes. Finally, maintenance and regular cleaning of your waterproof smartwatch in accordance with the guidelines of the manufacturer will guarantee a long and problem-free life.

With technology advancing in waterproof smartwatches, all we can expect is features with more advancements, enhanced water resistance, extended battery life, and seamless connectivity. Welcome to the future of all these innovative gadgets with no qualms to engage in various water-related activities that, without the smartwatch being waterproof, would make it lose performance.

Think of compatibility, battery life, design, comfort, and extra features that will further suit your needs. This way, you will get the perfect companion for all your active, water-filled adventures.

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