KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch
KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch

KOSPET TANK M1 Smartwatch

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5 Tons Truck Crushing
MIL-STD Military Standard
Work in -40℃ to 70℃ Temperature
5ATM Waterproof & IP69K Certification

5 ATM & IP69K Waterproof; Passed 12 MIL-STD Tests; Workable at Extreme Temperatures (-40℃ to 70℃); Withstands Crushing of 5-ton Truck

A Trailblazer in Tech and Design.

From lightweight design, fascinating interface to robust battery life, KOSPET TANK M1 is built to impress all round.

Military-grade Durability

Aside from its unique edges and corners with rugged, sporty style, KOSPET TANK M1 has proven durable and sturdy by passing a dozen military-grade tests.

Incomparable Ergonomic Design

With a 1.72-inch, high-brightness IPS display with 280 x 320 pixels resolution, KOSPET TANK M1 never fails to delver an excellent visual experience. The watch case adopting the metal spraying technology features a textured touch. Moreover, the smartwatch weighing only 65g comes with soft and breathable straps, making it easy and comfortable to wear.

Explore the Unknown

KOSPET TANK M1 serves to accompany you to every thrilling exploration, ranging from dessert dunes to majestic mountains.

Standout Waterproof Capability of 5 ATM & IP69K

KOSPET TANK M1 rated at 5 ATM (Withstands pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 meters) and IP69K helps you indulge in more enjoyable moments while swimming, diving and so on.

Unlock New Adventures

Embrace more exciting outdoor adventures with KOSPET TANK M1 with its distinctive design and extraordinary performance.

Professional Health Management

Daily health statistics, including heart rate (with high heart rate alert), blood pressure and blood oxygen, are monitored and shown in detail to provide a clear picture of your health.

Take it Easy, Easier than Ever

KOSPET TANK M1 looks out for your blood oxygen levels to protect you from overexertion, as the duration and intensity increases during workouts or outdoor adventures.

Quality Sleep, Infinite Progress

Smart sleep tracking enabled by KOSPET TANK M1 aims to monitor and evaluate your overall sleep quality during stages of sleep, including deep sleep, light sleep, and rapid eye movement (REM).

Extended Battery Life, Up to 50 Days

Equipped with the advanced Bluetooth chip 8762DK from Realtek and a 380mAh lithium polymer battery, KOSPET TANK M1 boasts ultra-long battery life – 15 days for daily use and 50 days in standby mode.

Expanse Style That's Uniquely You

What further complement the 1.72-inch retina display of KOSPET TANK M1 are 10 watch faces specifically designed for the smartwatch, not to mention more choices available on its compatible APP Da Fit free of charge.

Technical Specifications

Water Rating
Body Materials
Strap Material
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Customer Reviews

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David K.
Great for a plumber

Extremely tough and durable watch. Handles mud and grit well, with no I'll affect on the buttons. Watch is covered in mud and dust almost daily, bumped and banged with no wear marks or scratching. The band has been caught on nail heads and just sprung back without tearing. A really good fitness/health/sleep tracker with good accurate data and GPS tracking with phone for runs. The battery life is unreal, I have it set to read my heart rate every 10min, I have lots of phone notifications turned on which it vibrates for and I have the raise to wake function turned on and I will still get easily 3weeks before I will look to see if I need to charge it. I love the customisable face so I can put my team logo on my watch. It is hard to believe that this watch even exists and for such a great price! Perfect watch for anyone who works in rugged conditions.👍👍👍👍👍

Thank you for your honest feedback.

Customer recognition is our driving force!

Ari R.

In the last 6yrs I've never found a watch that had a good battery life, was sturdy enough or as user friendly as this watch and let me tell you, this is an amazing watch. I got this watch on the 5th of July, charged it to 100%, it's now the 23rd of July and it's at 50% (so around 20 days of having it) So I am INCREDIBLY happy with this watch. I 100% recommend this watch to literally anyone. Thank you for creating an amazing watch!

Thanks for your honest feedback.
The battery life of the watch is also the focus of our research. As a rugged outdoor smartwatch, we strive to be the best in all aspects.
If there are any aspects that do not meet your expectations, please rest assured that we will do better in the future.

Roberto V.
Excelente compra

Muy agradecido por recibir sin lugar a dudas, uno de los mejores relojes del mercado, hablando del costo-beneficio al grado que comprar próximamente el M2, saludos y felicidades por el excelente trabajo que realizan.

Gracias por su aprobación del producto, le deseo una vida feliz.

Super , Tank M1

Eine tolle Smartwatch mit vielen Hilfreichen Funktionen. Übersichtlich, leicht zu bedienen.
Man hat viele Daten gut im Blick.
Messenger Funktion zeigt ganze Nachrichten an, leider keine Emojis, statt dessen stejt dort nur [emoji], das könnte verbessert werden.
Bin mit der Batteriedauer sehr zufrieden.
Rund um sehr gute watch.

Thank you for your fair evaluation and wish you a happy life.

Blood Pressure measurement

I satisfied with this product, but my be improved blood pressure system should be not so far with Omron blood pressure .