Stay on Top of Your Fitness in the Office with KOSPET

If you spend a majority of your time in the office on workdays, it is seemingly difficult to keep up with your fitness goals and routines. Whether you’ve only had less than ten minutes between meetings or an hour-long lunch break, there are a number of features on your KOSPET smartwatch that can help you stay fit.

Sedentary Reminder

Given that it is quite likely to remain seated in the workplace all day, turning on the Sedentary Reminder on your compatible KOSPET smartwatch can remind you to step away from your computer every now and then. A “Move” notification will pop up on your watch display after one hour of inactivity. So rise to your feet and get some steps in to reset the reminder.

Wellness Tracking

KOSPET sees to it that you are feeling your best throughout a working day by keeping track of your health conditions. For instance, thanks to its leading technology, compatible KOSPET smartwatches monitor your blood pressure and blood oxygen day and night, giving you a better picture of when to take it easy. Empowered by its advanced optical heart rate sensor, in the meantime, your KOSPET smartwatch enables real-time detection of both static and dynamic heart rates, along with warnings of tachycardia.

By the end of a working day, assuming that you are about to run on the treadmill in the office, it is of vital importance to keep an eye on your oxygen saturation, especially as the duration and intensity of the exercise increases. In this case, you are encouraged to make full use of your KOSPET smartwatch to help you prevent any danger triggered by excessive exercises, not to mention the fact that the smartwatch supports precise measurements of your body temperature.

With the wearable on your wrist at night following long working hours, it is capable of evaluating your sleep quality and generates a sleep score correspondingly that informs you of whether your sleep was more restful or more stressful. If you find yourself exhausted during the day while your sleep score is low, perhaps it suggests that you go to sleep earlier.

Reassess Your Goals

Immersing yourself in the office may provide a feasible approach to reevaluating your goals in KOSPET applications, including Da Fit, Gao Fit etc. Whether you plan to set up tougher goals to stay motivated or ease up on them as life turns busier, it is simple to makes those changes and view your progress in such KOPSET applications. More surprisingly, you are even allowed to compete with other KOSPET users concerning steps, sleep quality, to name but a few.

On-device Workouts

Whether you are heading for lunch or hustling between meetings, your KOSPET smartwatch can get you moving in one way or another. Selecting from its various built-in sports modes, such as walking, running, yoga and so on, you are able to exercise during the intervals as well.

As the proverb goes, good health comes above wealth. Therefore, always keep in mind that being healthy matters most even when you are fully occupied with work. Hopefully, KOSPET smartwatches can help you secure a more wholesome lifestyle anytime, anywhere.

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