Stay Tune, Stay Healthy for FIFA Women’s World Cup with KOSPET

Since the FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off last week in New Zealand, this biggest sporting event of the year 2023 has been drawing global attention, not least football enthusiasts.


While keeping yourself updated of the international football tournament, bear in mind that it is as essential to maintain a healthy routine as it is to stay informed of phenomenal matches which involve your favorite team or player.


Once again, this is when your KOSPET smartwatch (or smart band) assists you to do the trick!


Feel the adrenaline rush at a glance.

Supercharged by the best-in-class smartwatch processor, KOSPET OPTIMUS 2 makes it easy and steady to play large videos, so that you can catch up with classic and historical moments on and off the pitch. The 4G Android smartwatch also allows running massive 3D online games, storing personal files. And the list goes on...



To keep the flame of your passion burning, KOSPET OPTIMUS 2 is available with an additional 1,000mAh power bank, not only to complement its built-in 1,260mAh lithium polymer battery, but enables you to charge your smartwatch even on the go.


Stay connected with ease.

Whenever you can’t help sharing an unbelievable goal or an astounding goalkeeping performance with your family and friends, your KOSPET TANK S1 has got your back! It is our exceptional Bluetooth chipset that helps support HiFi Bluetooth calling on the smartwatch just via a single switch.



With such a superb feature packed by the first-ever women’s outdoor smartwatch, not only can you reject unwanted incoming calls without pocking up your phone, you can also play music to calm or refresh yourself at half-time.


Watch out for your health. 

It is natural for you to go thrilled as the player or the team you cheer for wins a decisive match, or you may feel down when the result disappoints. Either way the chances are that you will overreact, placing your own health at risk.


If you are wearing your KOSPET TANK X1 smart band, it turns into an ever-ready health monitor. For instance, the industry-leading rugged smart band utilizes the cutting-edge VP60 bio-tracking optical sensor to measure your heart rate and blood pressure at a 24/7 basis.




The sporting algorithm V1.0 co-invented by KOSPET and CyweeMotion, meanwhile, collects and analyzes data in sports and health like your personal trainer, which secures more precision data accuracy as a whole.


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