Pregnancy Tracking on Your Wrist with KOSPET

Are you pregnant? To begin with, we are pleased to express our heartfelt congratulations. Also have you undergone such changes in your body as increased heart rate or stress levels, faster breathing or fatigue? Pregnancy is indeed beyond wonderful as it is during this period that you can take charge of what is manageable, including your health.

Some relevant features in your KOSPET smartwatch can assist you to do just that. It is now easy and direct to transition from logging your periods and understanding your cycle to keeping track of what matters during pregnancy.

Adjust your daily hydration goal.

Hydration is key! This is particularly true when you are pregnant, because you need more water than the average person in order to form amniotic fluid, produce extra blood, build new tissue, carry nutrients, enhance digestion and flush out wastes and toxins. It’s recommended that you drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day, or 2.3 liters. By enabling the Water Drinking Reminder on your compatible KOSPET smartwatch, you can watch out for whether you are staying adequately hydrated.

Evaluate your overall sleep quality.

Due to anxiety, hormonal changes and other physical factors that are associated with pregnancy, sleep disorders characterized by poor sleep quality are prevalent during pregnancy. With the KOSPET wearable on your wrist at night, it is able to assess your sleep quality based on the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). The sleep quality score evaluates and scores overall sleep quality in terms of sleep regularity, sleep duration, including the amount of deep sleep and awakening hours per night and other factors. Your comprehensive sleep quality will ultimately be graded as poor, medium, good and excellent.

Manage your everyday wellness

Pregnancy stresses your heart and circulatory system. During pregnancy, your blood volume increases by 30 to 50 percent to nourish your growing baby, while your heart pumps more blood each minute and that your heart rate increases. Therefore it is essential to pay extra attention to your health during this very period.

Thanks to its leading technology integrated, your compatible KOSPET smartwatch is capable of monitoring your blood pressure and blood oxygen the whole day, reminding you of when to take it easy. Equipped with an advanced optical heart rate sensor, meanwhile, the wearable enables real-time detection of both static and dynamic heart rates, along with warnings of tachycardia.  

We genuinely hope that your KOSPET smartwatch can remain one of your most accountable companions during and after pregnancy, ranging from a specific hydration goal to your health as a whole.

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