KOSPET TANK T1 & TANK T1 PRO: Ultimate Adventure-Ready Fighters

Just as the breathtaking KOSPET TANK M1 PRO was released, we recently embrace two distinguished members into our Rugged Series, KOSPET TANK T1 and TANK T1 PRO. Leveraging the most cutting-edge technology by KOSPET so far, these two smartwatches are bound to secure all your outdoor adventures.

Phenomenal MIL-STD Quality

KOSPET TANK T1 and TANK T1 PRO have passed up to a dozen MIL-STD Military Tests. For instance, both function perfectly at extreme temperatures between -40℃ and 70℃. Thanks to their impressive tensile strength, they can withstand crushing of a five-ton truck. Aside from outstanding drop-proof and anti-corrosion performance, both wearables are abrasion-resistant and high-voltage resistant.

Bluetooth Calling & Music Playback

With a simple wrist up, both smartwatches enable you to receive instant notifications of calls and SMS, alongside messages from WhatsApp, Instagram and other applications on your smartphone. Empowered by its exceptional Bluetooth chipset, TANK T1 PRO not only allows making or receiving phonecalls, but playing music from your compatible smartphone.

5ATM & IP69K Waterproof

With elaborate water-resistant design, both TANK T1 and TANK T1 PRO are trustworthy companions and have you covered concerning both everyday water and underwater sports, such as sailing, surfing and so on. TANK T1 PRO takes this excellence to the next level with its specifically-equipped waterproof speakers and MIC.

Sleek & Sturdy Finish Texture

TANK T1 and TANK T1 PRO feature exquisite round CNC-metal watch bezels, along with additionally padded cover glass, making them armor-like, robust and stylish guardians for all outdoor activities as well as wild explorations, let alone they are universally applicable to construction sites, mines, farms, to name just a few.  

Inexhaustible Battery Life

There is no doubt that battery life plays a key part in your outdoor exploration. Empowered by its 380mAh Lithium polymer battery, TANK T1 ensures 20-day battery life for daily usage and standby for as long as 50 days. Comparatively speaking, TANK T1 PRO enables 10-day daily battery life and 35 days of standby time.  

24H Wellness Management

With the leading HRS3605 heart rate sensor built-in, both wearables support automatic detection for static and dynamic heart rate day and night. At the same time, both monitor your blood saturation on-demand while conquering outdoor adventures, so as to guard you against any injury triggered by excessive exercises.

Free Access to 24 Sports Modes

The internal 24 sports modes, complemented by newest algorithms for sports, assure more accurate data acquisition on TANK T1 and TANK T1 PRO. The most prevalent sports modes include running, cycling, swimming, climbing, golf, yoga, rowing, skiing, free training, etc.

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December, 26. 2022

Gostaria de comprar a pulseira camuflada para o modelo tank t1

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