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Back-to-School Gifts by KOSPET

by Smartwatch KOSPET on August 18, 2022

Heading back to school carries a different connotation these days. For some students, it means going back to campus, while for others it means studying from home. Still there are students who may do both and many have yet to know what they’ll be taught. As teachers are gearing up to impart knowledge in an innovative approach, their students might be sitting in a classroom rearranged to allow for social distance, a specially-created learning space outdoor or online. Everyone in the main is more concerned about their health and safety more than ever before.

Considering students are about to confront new challenges and try out diverse methods of learning, socializing and so on, KOSPET has curated some ideas centering around welcome-back-to-school gifts that are certain to help them acclimate and excel in their newest journey.


For students who favor prominent performance

Recommendation: KOSPET OPTIMUS 2 smartwatch

OPTIMUS 2 harvests the latest Android 10.7 operating system that complements its advanced processor Helio P22 and the Bluetooth chip. of PixArt PAR2822. To ensure an efficient school life, the smartwatch adopts dual 4G standby modes. Thanks to its 13 MP rotatable camera with flashlight, the wearable makes it simple and convenient for students to capture unforgettable moments via stunning pictures and videos.



For students who are keen on outdoor activities

Recommendation: KOSPET TANK T1 smartwatch

Featuring an exquisite round CNC-metal watch bezel with robust cover glass, TANK T1 has excelled in a dozen MIL-STD Tests thanks to its outstanding resistance to drop, corrosion, extreme temperatures, etc. Furthermore, its 5ATM & IP69K Waterproof as well as 24 built-in sports modes help secure joyful and safe extracurricular activities and wild explorations for each student.

KOSPET TANK T1 Smartwatch


For students who prefer to stay connected via Bluetooth calls

Recommendation: KOSPET TANK M1 PRO smartwatch

Equipped with extraordinary Bluetooth chipset, students can not only play music on TANK M1 PRO, but pause and select songs from the list. More astonishingly, the smartwatch leverages this excellence driven by Bluetooth 5.0 to the next level, for it enables students to make or receive incoming phonecalls via Bluetooth, which holds the key to staying informed and connected whenever necessary.



For students who pursue healthy living

Recommendation: KOSPET MAGIC 3S smartwatch

Boosted by its leading optical heart rate sensors, MAGIC 3S enables real-time and precise heart rate monitoring, alongside all-day blood oxygen detection and body temperature measurement, which seeks to remind students of their physical conditions. The smartwatch, meantime, records their sleep at night and evaluates their sleep quality to help them cultivate wholesome sleep habits.

KOSPET MAGIC 3S Smartwatch


For students who incorporate entertainment into study

Recommendation: KOSPET NOTE smartwatch

In order to present students with an incredibly vivid visual experience, KOSPET NOTE harnesses its 2.4-inch super Retina display that supports face ID to unlock the smartwatch. Empowered by its massive 3GB+32GB capacity, students are allowed to watch and even download multiple teaching videos, documentaries, video games and so on without suffering from “Low-Battery Anxiety”, with almost all Google applications accessible on their wrists.


To all students, spread your wings and embrace a rich array of opportunities ahead to learn, to grow, to discover who you are, and how you want to make a difference in the world, starting with a KOSPET smartwatch.